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Published on August 5th, 2014 | from CAMH Education

Introducing the CAMH Forensic Orientation Series

By Kiren Sandhu, APC, FEIS

Have you heard about the new CAMH Forensic Orientation Series? It is an educational series focused on working with forensic, corrections and mental health systems. It provides insight and highlights the unique perspective of working at the cross roads of these multi-dimensional systems.

My name is Kiren Sandhu, and I am an Advanced Practice Clinician (APC) with the Forensic Early Intervention Service (FEIS). FEIS is a brand new team that will be located at the new Toronto South Detention Centre. The FEIS team will help assess and triage inmates who may be experiencing mental health concerns.

Being an experienced front line forensic social worker prior to becoming an APC, I recognized the need for specialized training for staff who work in the FEIS program.

As an APC, an important component of my role is to facilitate continuous learning. I took on the task of creating the Forensic Orientation Series to promote education and learning.

So originally the Forensic Orientation series was created to provide FEIS staff with education and training. However, after I spoke with the FEIS Manager Tanya Connors, we recognized the opportunity to share knowledge and building capacity not only with FEIS, but with all CAMH staff, and with service providers in the community. With technology being a wonderful thing and the help of tech savvy admin assistant Yvonne Hinds, The Forensic Orientation Series is available via webcast to other hospitals, and community services provider across Ontario!

I selected the initial topics to provide staff with an overview of forensics and corrections the learning request from the FEIS team. However, deciding the additional topics came from the evaluation forms and request of our entire audience.

Some of the topics that have been presented so far, include Risk Assessment and Management, The Recovery Paradigm in the Forensic Mental Health System and Overview of the Toronto South Detention Centre and the Direction Supervision Model.

The presentations can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Forensic Mental Health System in Ontario

Violence Risk Assessment and Management

Mental Illness in the Correctional Setting

An Overview of Dual Diagnosis Clients

Recovery and Risk Management

Mental Disorder and the Criminal Law

Overview of the Toronto South Detention Centre

Forensic Ontario Review Boards (ORB) Report Writing

Stay tuned as we look forward to resuming the series again this fall. If you have a topic you would like us to cover or if you are interested in presenting please contact me at kiren.sandhu@camh.ca.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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2 Responses to Introducing the CAMH Forensic Orientation Series

  1. lisa lefebvre says:

    This is great, I hope many practitioners take advantage of it! Congrats
    Lisa Lefebvre
    Medical Lead, CPD, CAMH Education

  2. CAMH Education says:

    Thanks, Lisa!
    We were truly impressed by this project. Feel free to spread the word.

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